Memorandum of Understanding (MoU)

Sarah is an enabler.

2016: This worship team consists of a range of accomplished musicians. Performing there could be 2 or 20 sharing their skills… all just wanting to praise God. We hope you enjoy!

Mission: Spread God’s words & love through song, supporting the mission of ‘Family, Faith and Fun… the happiness debate’ unpacking human emotions and how they relate to our happiness.
Purpose: Reach many TV, radio and live shows

Values: Inclusive; Collaborative; Unity; God-centered; Excellence; Bible-based
Mantra: Making a joyful noise unto the Lord (Psalm 100)

Memorandum of Understanding:

Trinity Voice was born out of ‘Family Faith and Fun… the happiness debate’. All rights and branding of both are owned by Sarah Hopwood.

Band member’s top priority is to support their own church first and foremost. Trinity Voice aims not to clash with any member’s church commitments… rather the band sits alongside churches complementing what is being done rather than competing.

The band is most grateful and in need of prayer support from home churches and other disciples of God.

Trinity Voice Worship Leader(s) will choose songs, themes and ‘who does what’ ensuring the band make a good sound and are balanced. They will liaise, and at times work closely, with the founder.

All booking/liaising with external parties will go through owner and Worship Leader(s). New members will be proposed by Worship Leader(s) with final band decisions made by the group as a whole re future members and bookings. Founder will sign any contracts.

Most operational equipment has been paid for and is owned by the founder, including lighting/sound/pa system/mic’s. Musicians have their own instruments and amplification equipment.

Please pray for us all – that we are in step doing God’s will and living out His works. At all times we take the encouragement; giving God the praise!

We all leave our egos at the door 🙂