Stage Presence Training – 1 or 2 days

“Stage Presence”

Course headlines:

Leaders are called to speak with confidence and authority addressing staff, clients, suppliers and advocates from the stage. Whether Director, Manager, Head of Department, host, conference speaker or chairperson – our audience are looking up to us with eager, yet sometimes critical minds.

Are you called to bridge between other speakers, perhaps manage a Q&A session, direct panel discussions/debates, talk to camera and manage interviews or answer questions from the media? Confidence and ability are your keys to success.

Who is it for?

This day is for leaders who are called to sit in any of the above ‘hot seats’ who have not been formally trained or struggle with best practice.

  • You will already have experience presenting
  • The structure of your presentation has scope for improvement
  • Your role requires you to speak at short notice
  • Managing time and other speakers is often a challenge
  • You have minimal experience being interviewed by the press on radio & television
  • You are familiar addressing staff and chairing peer meetings
  • You think you are good at ‘winging it’
  • The likelihood you will be called to ‘make a statement’ is high
  • On reflection things don’t always go to plan
  • Your confidence levels fluctuate depending on the platform
  • People tell you what they think you want to hear
  • Wise counsel or true critique has not been easy to obtain
  • You want to increase your ability to influence your audience

About the facilitator: Sarah Hopwood

Sarah was awarded Fellowship of the Professional Speaking Association in 2014. Her TV training took place at Pinewood Studio’s and she now has her own fully equipped home television studio. Sarah has been interviewed a number of times on radio, annually running her own radio show and in her 3rd year recording her weekly television show. She is an International Speaker delivering keynotes and workshops in her specialist subject “Emotionally Intelligent Leadership.” CV available on request

Course details: Open course or In-house (If the training day is in-house the content will be bespoke after a planning meeting.)


  • Each attendee will arrive with a pre-prepared 5 minute presentation of their choice
  • All presentation will be filmed and critiqued
  • Recommended to avoid powerpoint where possible
  • Practice in TV or radio studio environment
  • Learn how to use different microphones: lapel, studio, handheld, mounted
  • Lighting – how to show your ‘best side’
  • Interacting with the camera
  • How to plan your keynote
  • How to manage panels and fellow speakers
  • How to interview someone and ‘bridge’
  • Behind the scenes best practice – how to cover your back
  • Mediocre to magnificent – how to building your confidence and authority
  • Stage craft – designing your ‘stage’ and body language delivering maximum effect and impact
  • How to manage nervous energy

 What will I discover? You will learn:

  • A better sense of how to make your message ‘sticky’
  • How to maintain balance during panel discussions
  • How to manage difficult questions
  • A series of thought-provoking tips and hints helping you inject colour, drama and impact in your introduction and presentation
  • Increased confidence to work with your audience by banishing the common pitfalls which distract from your message
  • Opportunities to practice and develop your style in a safe, supportive environment noting expert hints and tips
  • Gain feedback on your style from the facilitator and peers
  • Work in a real media environment
  • How to better prepare for ‘short notice’ calls to speak
  • How to prepare someone you will interview
  • How to work more effectively with the media
  • How to work with event organiser’s
  • How to better time manage other speakers & panels discussions
  • Protocol in TV and radio studio environment
  • Tools you can use to present quality material in the best way possible
  • Techniques to enhance your stage presence coming across as you want to appear: professional, perhaps natural & informal or polished, seamless, blended & slick?
  • The importance of understanding the purpose of your presentation and what you want it to achieve
  • Tips and techniques to control and handle nerves, interpreting body language, venue preparation and the importance of rehearsal
  • How to use the full range of your voice: tone, inflexion, emphasis, rate, pitch and emotion
  • Hints and tips on using PowerPoint and other visual aids, knowing your audience and handling questions

FREE to attendees:

Choose any of the following Diagnostic’s: Business Issues, Parenting, Listening, Emotional Intelligence, Team Styles, Life Balance, Strategy, Confidence, Career, Technology, Survival, Succession, Leadership or People.