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“Paul & I married May 1984 raising Daniel & Kathryn in our home in Shoreham – now doubling up as our offices. I just love it! (all the family can be found on LinkedIN)36615-0016, higher resolution

“Time out for us is spent away in the caravan, reading & walking – sometimes still visiting clients. I often work best on my own business strategy during this time away. I am truly blessed to have such wonderful family & friends.

“I have been a Christian since childhood. I am now a member of Shoreham Baptist  Worship Team where they are contemporary, have fab live band/music plus an opportunity to be heard – and hear a great message. (In the 37 years Paul and I have been a couple, he would say he has never been a Christian.) Please do email me if you would like to meet and join me. I hold the Bishop’s Certificate and have served as Churchwarden.

“Paul and I took up golf before marrying – back randomly playing now, including society days playing 28 off men’s tees. (I used to play off 19 representing the West Hove Golf Club ladies team.)

“I adore music singing with one of the top 5 amateur choirs in the UK for 3 years.
“It was my honour to sing on the River Thames with the Jubilant Commonwealth Choir for the Queen’s Jubilee. In 2011/12/13 I joined main choirs in the Royal Albert Hall recording Songs of Praise “Big Sing”.