Starting out as Chairman of Rockinghorse

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Some say choosing to be a leader is like choosing to be ugly. Time will tell for Sarah as she takes up the Rockinghorse batten but one thing is for sure, with her energy and enthusiasm the journey will certainly be interesting.

Back in the early 80’s Sarah spent quite a few months during her nurses training working on the cancer unit and surgical wards at the Royal Alexandra Children’s Hospital Dyke Road. She lived in the nurse’s house opposite the hospital gardens where she regularly saw anxious parents waiting and children playing. Ironically it was at this time she and now husband Paul, started dating.

In 2005 Sarah entered the business world properly for the first time, joining Paul. She had just spent 6 months working in a Letting Agents ‘helping out’ while considering her next career move after leaving teaching. At Martin and Co this team of 3 won Rightmove letting agents of the year so in many ways a sign of things to come.

Organising Business Improvement Club was where Sarah started – supporting Paul with the admin, bringing clients into the business and eventually co-presenting. The club ran in Hove for 14 years; same price, same venue. BEF (Business Excellence Forum) now runs providing half day and full day courses)

Sarah works with her husband Paul using the Mindshop Intellectual property – an Australian company with over 140 business problem-solving tools and processes. They write much of their own material too, consequently bringing a huge scope of knowledge, wisdom and experience to their community of clients.

Sarah specialises in unpacking, inspiring and managing Business EQ (managing relationships with ourselves and others) working in the space between IQ and EQ – whether at a personal level or process focused in the boardroom or ‘shop floor’.

“People, no matter what rank, are at the core of every businesses large or small. Getting everyone firstly on the right bus and then in the right seat is core to the success of that business.  Motivation and communication are key to achieving this.” Sarah reflects. “I am well equipped to work with my clients as a coach, mentor, facilitator or trainer getting alongside them as wise counsel and sounding board.”

In 2010 Sarah spread her wings joining the Professional Speaking Association (London Chapter) and more recently she’s delighted to have been accepted as a cruise speaker with P&R Agency. Her ability to engage and inspire audiences is enhanced by her past nursing and teaching experiences. Empathy, humour and at time sheer directness can hit deep but the blow is cushioned making it thought provoking and entertaining rather than confrontational.

Meet Sarah speaking as Chair & Ryan – Chief Executive. [sublimevideo settings=”youtube-id:J2rQzQ5xabQ” width=”300″ height=”169″] Nursing is where her professional journey started. “Becoming Chair of Rockinghorse is an enormous honour. I pray I serve well.” Sarah’s Christian faith and working towards a greater cause is at the heart of what motivates her. “Love is key. There are only really 2 fears in life – that we are not loved or that we are not good enough. My purpose is to alleviate those fears for people personally and professionally. Commercial thinking and strategy are hugely important but understanding the ‘why’ even more so.”