Former Chairman of Rockinghorse Children’s Charity 2012 – February 2014

  • Sarah taking questions about plans for the charity.

“You must be very proud of all you have done since becoming Chair. Rockinghorse has moved on so much – getting Ryan in as CEO has been vital to that success.  You do realise the significance of all you have achieved don’t you?” Ronnie Bloom  retired Trustee – honoury board member.

“On behalf of all the old trustees I thank you for all you have done for the charity, you have been amazing.” Chris Bidwell retired Trustee – honoury board member.

“I’m gutted that you’re leaving. I can’t imagine anyone else putting in the effort that you did, no matter how high up they are in the business world – let alone the results you produced.” Rosie Courtney  

“You will be a very hard act to follow.” Jonathan Ericson

“We are all so grateful for the work, commitment and time you have dedicated to the Rockinghorse over the last 2 years. I am sure we all believe that the charity is in a completely different place since you first joined (in 2011).” Joy Dennis

“Frankly, you can take the credit for protecting the future of the charity. Now it’s time to move on and let others pick up from where you’ve left off.”   Paul Hopwood

“I have loved the journey and am very proud of the legacy I leave behind; which can be seen in the paperwork; I will watch with excitement as they move onward and upwards.

“Quite a number have asked why I left. It is about the success of Rockinghorse – there is now so much going on within the charity and in my career. We all know that as Chair we are the top line – whatever happens is our fault and responsibility. With the busyness it means I can’t see everything – I can’t Chair what I cannot see. So here’s to success, and all it brings with it!

“Recruitments: I made personal approaches successfully recruiting: Ryan Heal – CEO, Jonathan Ericson – Treasurer (Chartered Accountant),  Ryan Watkins – Trevor Mann Baby Unit (Consultant),  Martin Williams – Company Secretary (Lawyer),  Sid Sloane – Creative Thinking & Media (TV Personality).

“Two ladies I approached declined invitations to join the board due to workload and conflict of interest. Marcia Kurtanjek (friend) & Becky (student) kindly agreed to take Board Minutes.”

YouTube video 2013  raising over £1,000 dancing ‘strictly’ at the Mid Summer Ball. We also bought a table for 10 taking our family.

When I attended an event as guest, I either was speaking or provided wine for the table; or indeed gifts for the raffle such as 2 beautiful teapots & tea from Marks & Spencer.

I organised 2 strategy Away Days:

2013 Sky Suite AMEX Stadium (thanks to Ronnie) seeing away team room set up with Arsenal kit for the following day :-).

2014 tour then lunch with members of SLT at Brighton College.BBo99qcCEAAZ20O

Chris, Paul M, Martin, Ronnie, Jonathan                                                                                           Me, Ryan, Ryan, Joy & Rosie

Speaking at Brighton & Hove Albion golf day:  

I felt the person replacing me needed to be of the highest integrity – with this in mind I did make 2 further personal approaches (with no promises) ahead of a boardmeeting.

These 3 video’s organised by Ryan, say it all: