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Terms and Conditions 

Sarah’s standard terms and conditions will be discussed with you, agreed and signed ahead of the first presentation. All clients are offered her Guarantee: If her remit is not delivered she offers 50% refund as long a written reason is received 48 hours after delivery. This has never been called it – it is Sarah’s way of offering security to you.

Brief Biography for Conference Packs:

Sarah Hopwood specialises in Emotional Intelligence – working in the space between IQ and EQ. She believes future success lies in unpacking, navigating & conquering the change which lies between the two.

Speaking at home and abroad she works seamlessly with business owners and event organisers helping you find the bespoke blend that empowers you to achieve all you are looking for – whether in the boardroom or on the stage.

Sarah is former Fellow of the Professional Speaking Association (PSA), winning Member of the Year in 2013. She has a diploma in NLP, neuro-linguistic programming, and has been trained to used the Mindshop intellectual property. She is a trained District Nurse and taught music for 6 years in a local private school. All of her training enables her to bring much to the table.

Sarah spent 1.5 years writing a page from the heart, covering Business Ethics,  in Platinum Business Magazine.

Her selection of clients featured on the front page clearly show the strength in her diversity.

How to Introduce Sarah

    • Our next speaker specialises in Emotional Intelligence. She teaches us about ‘Emotional Quotient’ (quotient meaning to measure) – using emotional intelligence; managing the relationship we have with ourselves and others; to bring better, life-changing results.
    • Technology is moving so fast. Stress levels are rising and there is a significant increase in absenteeism, (sick note or still sat at their desk), mental illness which can lead to dis-engagement, distraction and other business damaging symptoms. Education is preparing students for jobs that cannot be replicated by a computer – being light on our feet is crucial. Sarah draws on the examples of Tony Robbins, Howard Gardner, Ken Robinson, Anne Moir and others to help businesses, and indeed their staffs, find Blue Ocean. EQ, innovation and creative thinking are key.

Today, she will be speaking to us about ….

Please welcome Sarah Hopwood.

NOTE – a more detailed bio is available Sarah Hopwood

Equipment Requirements

Sarah uses a presentation from her own laptop computer (an Apple MacBook). Please could the following equipment be provided for her:

  • Sarah needs it to be positioned on the stage where she will be presenting so she can see her notes and the next slide view. She will provide either an HDMI or VGA connector for her Apple Mac.
  • A data projector to connect to her laptop, projecting onto a screen large enough ensuring every audience member has a clear view.
  • Sound for the full audio (will be confirmed for each presentation). This connects to her laptop computer in the standard way – the stereo headphone out – and needs to connect to a full sound system.
  • If the size of the venue and number of participants requires it, a lapel microphone (or equivalent – handheld, headset, etc) will be required to amplify Sarah’s voice well – a handheld mic is preferred.