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Sarah Hopwood Cruise Speaker

Sarah is an International Speaker & Business Consultant. All her presentations incorporate family, peace and emotional intelligence.


Venus4Sarah has travelled with Fred. Olsen, Cunard and MSC. Her parents were Saga Platinum Members.

She is a former district nurse & music teacher; re-training in 2005 to work in the business world.

Agent: Peel Talent




8 empowering presentations:

1. “Facebook: how to set up your profile”
Sarah will take you through how to, step by step, set up your own Facebook profile. The presentation will be interactive so you can ask your questions as you think of them. Sarah show you how to take a good photo using your mobile phone or, if you would like her to she will take your photo on her camera and give it to you.

2. “How to speak to your laptop”
Before you start making a short film, it is good to know how to speak to your family on Skype, Zoom or other platforms. Sarah will show you easy ways to make sure you are positioning your tablet or laptop positioning yourself in the best way possible. Areas covered will be: sound, lighting. camera angle and where to look.

3. “Twitter”
Love it or hate it, it is not going away. Sarah will show you how to set up a profile, who to follow or watch other and also the etiquette re following and unfollowing people. The session will also cover the difference between a re-tweet and ‘love’ and also how to add your own comments. Sarah will also share some of the ‘do’s and don’t’ whilst being open to questions along the way

4. “Vlogging”
How to plan and film your own short movie. This will also include tips to getting the best out of your mobile phone camera – many people do not know what is available and easy to use.  The presentation will conclude by showing you how to upload your movie to Facebook/Twitter/YouTube

5. “Blogging and photos”
Writing a blog is easier than you think. How many of you write your annual Christmas Letter or similar. Sarah will take you through planning your blog and also show you how to resize photos and safely save your document for sending to friends, grand-children and other members of your family

6. “Presentation Skills'”
This session will be slightly more formal. From wanting to send a structured message of wisdom to perhaps a presentation of thanks to a group. Sarah will help you unpack your key points and talk through how to plan your content into a logical flow so those listening to you will hear it as you intended – understanding what you intended to say making sure it ‘lands as planned’ rather than them missing the point or even confused about your message

I once taught a member of staff to write a blog; I sent it adding an invitation to the Queen to be a patron…

Queen’s wedding anniversary 

… I invited her to follow in her mother’s footstep and become patron of a particular organisation