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 Pupils inspired to strive for excellence
 Excellent quality of teaching
 Excellent quality of leadership & management
 Exempler behaviour & safety of pupils
 Howard Gardner’s 8 intelligences: pupils’ spiritual, moral, social & cultural learning
 Excellence in delivered education, meeting needs of the diverse range of pupils

Sarah is an expert when it comes to solving problems by using emotions. She works with you delivering all 6 outcomes assessed by Ofsted. She really enjoys working with school governors, teaching staff, colleges and universities; with business managers and head teachers working alongside them as they master EQ. Recognising and managing not only our own emotions but also the emotions of others brings us different thinking and results! Sarah is renowned for being a highly skilled speaker & consultant, inspiring  “Business Transition EQ” – emotional intelligence. DOWNLOAD Inset Day training sessions

 Why Sarah?  Sarah is trained to deliver the Mindshop business problem solving tools. Back in 1998 she taught at  Sompting Abbotts for 6 years, heading up the Pre-prep music department – teaching her own nursery class in the mornings. Sarah is also a trained nurse.

She takes a conversational, empathic approach, assisting you and your staff through the process of unpacking what’s inhibiting teams or individuals from progressing.  She will work with you as you plan forward addressing accountability & implementation.                                                                                                                                                                                                                            How does it work?  Staff need INSET Days to be empowering and fun. Team spirits are enhanced, with a direct impact on each person’s ability to deliver the basics. Sarah tailors her workshops – delivering a bespoke package, supporting individual needs plus culture and ethos of your school. Previously worked with state, academies and private schools (including Christ’s Hospital in Horsham) Sarah has also MC’d and been keynote speaker at educational conferences.

What are her specialities? 

  • Teaches Neuro Linguistic Programming (Diploma)
  • Unpacks Emotional Intelligence – Howard Gardner’s 8 Intelligences
  • International Education Conference Speaker
  • Inspires Enterprise & Entrepreneurship
  • Inspires Excellence WINNERS


Helping students develop their Character is central to Sarah’s work. As a business consultant, past nurse and teacher Sarah is well qualified to equip students with problem-solving Character Building tools.
Sarah inspires students to aim high whilst equipping them for life. “Young Adults are our future – I love making a difference. My work has been truly been inspired by Howard Gardner, Ken Robinson and Joyce Meyer.”read more

DBS (CRB) number 001425314349. Sarah has worked alongside Young Enterprise & SIFE for a number of years heading up their Company Programme and supporting Enterprise Days. She delivers keynotes and runs workshops for students addressing their sense of Enterprise, Character and Acceptance (teaching Music for 6 yrs here).

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Many young adults are unsure of their direction in life. If there is little or no sense of purpose, peer pressure can have a big hold over their lives. This may lead to a lack of confidence and self esteem, disharmony in the family, unhappiness or academic underachievement.”

  • 1-1 Mentoring 14 – 24 yr olds
  • Junior Mindshop Excellence (yrs 7-10): 3 hr workshop
  • Mindshop Excellence (yrs 10-12): 1 week with Sarah
  • Mindshop Problem Solving Excellence: 3 hr workshop
  • Tailored Session (from Special Needs to Oxbridge): 3 hr workshop
  • A typical workshop see here.

Overview & Videos:

  • We’ll work 1-1 or in a small group reaching towards their personal/career goals.
  • We’ll address individual need and learn some helpful problem-solving tools they can use throughout their early adult years.
  • We’ll improve their awareness to avoid inappropriate behaviour, such as bullying and other dilemmas associated with young adulthood.
  • They’ll develop greater confidence enabling them to feel in control; responsible for their own actions, decision-making and well-being.

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Howard Gardner’s 8 Intelligences


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