Sarah Hopwood Cruise Speaker

1235940_10151955411172681_1190484914_nSarah has travelled on Cunard, Saga, Fred. Olsen and MSC. She is a former nurse & teacher, re-training in 2005 now working as a Business Excellence Consultant, TV Presenter & Professional Speaker in business & education.

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    EQ (emotional intelligence) is about managing the relationship we have with ourselves and with others. Understanding EQ can empower us to be happier, help others and work towards what we want.Sarah is ‘Fellow’ of the Professional Speaking Association and has cruised with Cunard, Fred. Olsen and MSC.

1. “Settling-in on board; how to socialise with confidence as a couple and a solo traveller”
Whether we are married or single, many of us can struggle to feel confident when socialising. You will be shown fun ways to build and break rapport.

2. “Happy memories; how to change your belief about a person, habit, situation or yourself”
Sarah will unpack how our beliefs are formed inviting you to explore changing a belief you are not particularly happy with.

3. “Stop those Gremlins; a light-hearted look at how to stop sabotaging yourself”
All through our lives we can sabotage things that have such potential in our lives, as we seek happiness and acceptance.

4. “Going with the flow; how to navigate Change through our latter years”
Darwin said, “It is not the strongest nor most intelligent of the species that will survive – it is those most adaptable to change”.

5. ”Living your purpose; leadership is for everyone & it’s never too late to share our strengths”
I have seen great examples of leadership amongst passengers on cruise ships – indeed, some have really inspired me.

6. “The only way is up; how to negotiation with, and influencing, your ‘better half'”
Sarah will entertain you looking at scenario’s where understanding different tactics worked well.

7. “Rehearsing in the Queen’s Chapel; singing on the river for the Queen – Royal Pageant 2012”
Sarah will share video & recordings from the day. She has also dined at The Carlton Club sharing photos and story from the day including Margaret Thatcher’s Drawing Room & dining in the Cabinet Room with dignitaries.

8. “Blood is thicker than Water; healing conversations within the family”
Sarah will inspire and signpost.

9. “Learning to keep in touch; how to use Facebook, Skype, LinkedIN & Twitter”

10. “Chairman of the board; how to speak with eloquence and confidence”
Sarah will lift your confidence whilst giving you tips empowering you to conquer your fears, showing those who love you, how to present well.

11. “Rest and relaxation; how to use Mindfulness to keep you feeling young at heart.”
From exercise, to sleep, to peace, to acceptance – Sarah will look at the heart, mind and soul seeing how they are connected and how they can keep us feeling young at heart.


She can also deliver any business related presentation – please see her website for details plus link to her YouTube Channel