Choirs at Sea or Health & Wellbeing

Sarah Hopwood Cruise Speaker

Sarah is an International Speaker & Business Consultant. All her presentations incorporate family, peace and emotional intelligence.


Venus4Sarah has travelled with Fred. Olsen, Cunard and MSC. Her parents were Saga Platinum Members.

She is a former district nurse & music teacher; re-training in 2005 to work in the business world.

Agent: Peel Talent




Choirs at Sea:

Sarah is music leader for Trinity Voice (TV Worship Band) and plays keyboard in her church band. Additional experience includes:

  • Music Teacher @ Sompting Abbotts Preparatory School. Sussex
  • Member for 3 years of Brighton Festival Chorus (one of the top 5 choirs in the UK)
  • Appeared in 6 Songs of Praise recordings (Big Sing)
  • Set up a church and community choir plus taught in education.
  • 2012 sang on the River Thames as part of the Royal Pageant and students have gained Distinction in singing & piano exams.
  • Both Sarah’s children attended the Guildhall School of Music for 4 years ahead of choosing other careers.


6 empowering presentations:

  1. “Social Media… how to keep in touch with the younger generation using Facebook, Twitter & LinkedIn.”

Sarah will take you through how to, step by step, set up your own profiles on your chosen platform. The presentation will be interactive so you can ask your questions as you think of them. Sarah show you how to take a good photo or video using your mobile phone or, if you would like her to she will take your photo on her camera and give it to you.

  1. “Presentation Skills… how to give a presentation from memory.”

Being able to look people in the eye, rather than reading notes or a screen, is far more effective and empowering to you. Whether you are wanting to send or give a structured message of wisdom to a relative to perhaps a presentation of thanks to a group or family gathering – this presentation will give you ‘easy to use’ processes. Sarah will help you unpack your key points and talk through how to plan your content into a logical flow so those listening to you will hear it as you planned – understanding what you intended to say making sure it ‘lands as planned’ rather than them missing the point or you losing your thread.

  1. “A structure for Mindfulness, Prayer & Meditation… and understanding of the gut/brain relationship.”

Stillness is so important to our overall wellbeing – a structure helps achieve this. There is also now a recognised link between our gut and our brain that Sarah will reflect on coupled with how we can keep it as healthy as possible.  She will chat through 5 steps we can take during a time of quiet and reflection that not only supports our need for peace but also give us a greater sense of acceptance.

  1. “What to look for in a Rest Home and the merits of cruising…  taking the worry out of your future.”

Sarah has been Business Manager in a Care Home, and her parents spent all their latter years cruising with Saga. She will chat through the things to look out for when choosing a Care Home ensuring the conversation is interactive with the audience so she can take questions as well as hear reflections on the merits of cruising. Sarah was advised once to be nice to her kids as they would choose her Rest Home!

  1. “How Emotional Intelligence can be used to maintain peace… coupled with beating the gremlins and managing change.”

Emotional Intelligence empowers us to ‘responds rather than react.’  One of our greatest needs as humans is to know acceptance and peace. Sarah will talk through the human response to change and strategies we can use to navigate difficult situations and indeed painful memories that just won’t go away. Over-riding our emotions is a strong weapon to combat negative thoughts – this can be supported through the power of music and Sarah will show you how.

  1. “Using our Attitude of Gratitude to bless others… how to reveal hidden talents in our grandchildren and leave a wisdom legacy.”

Many of the maturing generation is still firing on all cylinders yet often feel frustrated the younger members of the family don’t always listen to them properly. It is said ‘kids never listen, they only copy’ yet many don’t even realise the skills and talents they have. Sarah will draw on her knowledge of Neuro-linguistic programming to look at different ways to leave a healthy wisdom legacy.

*Sarah would also love to be involved in any church service from reading to teaching the choir a simple new Christian song. She will work seamlessly with all you already have in place – Sarah plays keyboard & sings though doesn’t need to do both… whatever is best for you.

I once taught a member of staff to write a blog; I sent it adding an invitation to the Queen to be a patron…

Queen’s wedding anniversary 

… I invited her to follow in her mother’s footstep and become patron of a particular organisation