Business Sense EQ filmed at Pinewood Studios

Filming at Pinewood Studios Sarah hosted her own TV show   viewed on TTA.TV. First series:

Programme 1: Confidence

Programme 2: Red Arrows Pilot

Programme 3: Rona Cant

Programme 4:  Carpenter Box

Programme 5:  ALC Sarah Jewell

Programme 6: Hidden Talents

Family Faith and Fun Year 2 – The Latest TV. Televised every Sunday since programme launch Easter 2015

Hire home studio:

Sarah is an International Speaker & Business Consultant. She empowers her clients to solve problems using emotional agility.

She is client centric – believing Emotional Intelligence can empower them to win, to be successful – to find fulfilment, acceptance, service & happiness.

In 2014 Sarah was awarded Fellowship and previously “Member of the Year 2012/2013” of the Professional Speaking Association.

UnknownSarah has filmed at The Grand Hotel, Brighton working with Platinum Business Magazine facilitating business Round Table discussions. Her role as moderator  encouraged discussion – whether attendees agree or disagree; seeking opinion and clarity.