After Dinner & Motivational Speaker


1. Leadership is for Everyone – watch Sarah’s presentation

2. “Stop the Gremlin; a light-hearted look at how to stop sabotaging yourself”

You have come across them, and so has everyone in the room – Energy Vampires. This light-hearted presentation will look at how we all chose to get our energy with the opportunity to identify our own preferred negative and positive styles. Sarah will shine a light on self sabotaging emotions empowering us to bring change to some of our currant experiences. Not only will you enjoy new learning but you will be able to go back and help your family and friends.

3. “How to change your belief about a person, habit, yourself or situation”

Sarah once looked Prince Philip in the eye and realised her previous belief about him was wrong. She will reflect on her rehearsals in the Queen’s Chapel and singing on the River Thames for the Queen’s Jubilee. If we repeat something 4 times the brain will start to remember it as a habit. It takes 21 days to break a habit – or a month at the most. Do you believe what you see, or see what you believe? Our belief systems are often formed in early childhood – centred around Aspiration or Fear. During her presentation she will also talk about the value of her discussions at the Carlton Club and in the House of Lords.  “Rehearsing in the Queen’s chapel; Royal Pageant – Singing on the Thames 2012

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4. “How to negotiating with, and influencing, your ‘better half'”

Sarah will entertain you looking at scenario’s where understanding different tactics worked well (or not so well) for her. She will entertain you as she reveals the different styles bringing humour and reflective thought together. In one of Churchill’s shortest speeches he said “Young men – never give up, never give up…never give up” and then sat down. Inspired by such a great man Sarah has used this focus many-a-time when negotiating with her ‘better half’. From exercise, to sleep, to peace, to acceptance – Sarah will look at the heart, mind and soul seeing how they are connected and how they can keep us feeling young at heart. Q & A and audience participation will play a large part of this session.

5.  ‘Set the stage, greatness will happen behind the scenes’

Sarah will show you how to be an exceptional, talented speaker. She’ll give you practical tips through story telling. You will hear and learn about structure and how to memorise presentations. Whether you are father of the bride, speaking at the time of loss or as chairman – you will learn and remember some great tips.